Christina Aguilera's voice is one of the most recognizable among all American vocalists, and she herself has long received the title of pop diva from her colleagues and fans. Christina…

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Perilous Lara Fabian
Lara Fabian's voice bewitches from the first chords of any composition. She can not be confused with any singer, so distinctive is her style. She goes on stage almost without…


Vasily Slipak. LIFE ON A HIGH NOTE
This opera singer considered Mephistopheles’s part in the opera “Faust” by Charles Gounod to be his most beloved, therefore, his nickname appeared consonant - Myth. But the life of Vasily…

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An amazing and unique continent gives birth to no less colorful people. Australia gave the world of art a whole galaxy of movie stars (Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe,…

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already studied


With fiery temperament and bright talent, he conquers the hearts of Ukrainian female spectators, young and old. Resolute and courageous, sincere and dreamy – it was this image that the country stage needed. And he appeared! Open, charming, cheerful, emotional, showing exceptional respect for the fans. He won in the first season of the TV project “Chance”, and since then his star has been brightening every year. Vitaly Kozlovsky is a real example of the celebration of talent and passion.

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Nastya Kamensky is young, beautiful and already at the top of her popularity. A talented singer, a popular TV presenter and simply a famous socialite does not get tired to shock the audience and charge her with her indomitable drive.

Ukrainian girls envy not only her gorgeous hair, but also luxurious forms. She has a wonderful voice, and the power of her boiling energy can be compared to a volcano.

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Unforgettable Joan Freiske

The performances of Zhanna Friske each time became more sexual, and she herself – all the more mysterious. There are women who are able, with just one glance, without saying a word, to conquer men, and not one – many, oust their rivals from their thoughts and make them dream, desire only themselves! They are called temptresses, female lovers and temptresses. But often the pain hides behind the beautiful appearance of the heartbreaker.

Parent nest
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Sometimes it is difficult for us to even explain how Viktor Tsoi could deserve such a nationwide love. He wrote music and sang songs that awakened people, removed from their…


Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Crimson Jingle”. Though the part of admirers of the singer prefers…