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It can be said without exaggeration that with her creative work she wrote one of the pages of the modern history of Ukraine. She made a cultural breakthrough when she won the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. Then Ruslana was called the mistress of Europe, the Ukrainian Joan of Arc, the pride and national symbol of the country. This is how it remains today – independent and capricious, selfless and brave, energetic and, of course, “wild”.

Beyond the Formats
It is impossible to compare Ruslan with any performer in the world. She is surprisingly distinctive, like the Hutsul region. Her incredible energy is in full swing, her performances are full of expression and drive, and the original ethnic style of the singer, exclusive vocals and powerful voice conquered not only Ukrainian viewers. Ruslana is always incendiary and unpredictable, she is not afraid of experiments, does not limit herself to the concept of “format” and does not obey any stamps. That is why its unique image has become a bright brand. She never retreats from her intended goal, and even if the most reckless idea was born, stopping Ruslan is unthinkable.

Notes instead of the alphabet
The small city of Ruslana Lyzhichko became the ancient city of Lviv. There she was born on May 24, 1973. From an early age, my mother took up the girl’s aesthetic education and gave her to an experimental music school. Already at the age of 4, Ruslana sang in the children’s ensemble “Smile”, so it is not surprising that her favorite toy was a microphone, and the most cruel punishment was skipping Ruslanauroka’s vocal singer. Soon the girl debuted on the professional stage at the festival “Golden Autumn” in Lviv in 1977. There Ruslana was awarded the Grand Prix of the competition. It became clear to parents and teachers that the girl intends to devote herself to music and only to her.

Immediately after school, Ruslana entered the Lviv Conservatory, from which she graduated with a degree in “Symphony Orchestra Conductor”. The singer continued her adult musical career immediately after her studies. In 1993, she became a participant of two prestigious musical shows – the “Chervona Ruta” festival and the Taras Bulba popular and rock music competition. This became a serious experience, as a result of which an understanding came that in order to continue a successful career, she needed to change her image and develop a new style of performance.

The first song of the singer in the new key was the lyrical song “You.” She dedicated her Ruslana to her producer and sound producer Alexander Ksenofontov, a former lead singer of the Tea Fans Club group.

Favorite producer
In 1994, Alexander and Ruslana opened the advertising and production studio “Luxen Studio”, which was engaged in the production of radio advertising. Ruslana singer Singer voiced clips of famous brands. This was the beginning of her entrepreneurial career. In 1995, Ruslana and Alexander became a couple and began to live together. Relatives kept telling the young lovers that it was time to formalize the relationship. Then they bought jeans and sweaters for such an important event and went to the registry office. For more than 20 years, their family has been considered one of the strongest in the Ukrainian show business, and Ruslana does not tire of admitting unearthly love for her husband. Now they own an advertising agency and a recording studio. The singer is constantly busy in different projects and likes to repeat that she does not live on the same income from concerts.

In the flow of “sonorous wind”
The desire to do something super-scale and realize her old dream led the singer to the fact that she started producing the “Resounding Wind” project, which was timed to coincide with the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance in Lviv. The sonorous wind has become a kind of dramatic tale based on the merging of different historical traditions – modern music and medieval ballads, the current sound and lighting technology by singer Ruslana and ancient architecture, traditional symphonic orchestra and rock music. Thanks to Ruslana, modern pop music for the first time in Ukraine received a live concert incarnation. To accomplish this, about a hundred musicians were involved in the performance.

But not only this singer could be proud. 1996 became a landmark for Ruslana. She received the Grand Prix of the International Art Festival “Slavic Bazaar”. The authoritative jury was impressed by the colorful performance and the stunning voice of a young Ukrainian singer who deserved the highest points. Hearing Ruslan, Vakhtang Kikabidze called her the Grand Princess “Slavic Bazaar”. This epithet was immediately picked up by journalists, and since then it has become known only as the Princess.

New spring – new image
Very soon, the performer of lyric songs became another – impulsive, energetic and impetuous, like a fast Carpathian stream. Ruslana did not have time to enjoy the success of the “Slavonic Bazaar”, once again loudly declared herself, receiving the award as a pop star of the year, and then winning the diploma of the national concert “Song of the Year” and winning the Melodiya All-Ukrainian TV Festival. About the singer learned in all corners of the country.

The new grand project of Ruslana called “To beat the spring” (“Mig spring”). His can

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