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Unforgettable Joan Freiske

The performances of Zhanna Friske each time became more sexual, and she herself – all the more mysterious. There are women who are able, with just one glance, without saying a word, to conquer men, and not one – many, oust their rivals from their thoughts and make them dream, desire only themselves! They are called temptresses, female lovers and temptresses. But often the pain hides behind the beautiful appearance of the heartbreaker.

Parent nest
July 8, 1974 – a special date for the usual Moscow Kopylov family – they had a daughter. Little Jeanne looked at those around her with big blue eyes, already then charming many. Who knew that this baby will grow up and will soon become not only a charming girl, but also one of the most seductive women of Russian show business.

But while her journey was just beginning quite normally, like many: choreography school classes, ballet, dance sport, acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics — in general, even then the girl’s hobbies clearly spoke of her desire to get on the big stage. But such a love of creativity caused her father Vladimir disapproval. He himself once long ago rotated among artists, but he came to the conclusion that one can feed his family only with serious work. And her daughter was upset by misunderstanding with the singer Jeanne Friskee, the rejection of her love of dancing. They often quarreled, and, frankly, Joan was punished more than once. However, no matter how difficult the relations with her parents seemed to her at that time, her father and mother remained the best and wise people for her! Therefore, even after graduating from school, being already a serious adult girl, she continued to live with her parents (up to 24 years).

Zhanna entered the Moscow Institute of Culture at the department of choreography, fulfilling her dream of doing what is incredibly like. To help parents and pay tuition, she worked as a sales manager in a furniture company, even managed to visit a plastic teacher. Over time, she wanted to prove herself as a writer, and Jeanne managed to enroll in the correspondence department of the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, where she studied four courses. But she never graduated from any institute.

Some sparkles for Zhanna Friske
You never know where luck will find you. Zhanna didn’t really follow her, so offended fortune decided to find her personally. It happened in a nightclub “Pilot”. singer Zhanna Friske The girl enjoyed the music, danced right on the stage and looked so bright that men didn’t take their eyes off her. Among the many fans were the producers of the future group “Brilliant”, two Andrew – Shlykov and Grozny. Not experiencing unnecessary shyness, they met the vending beauty and immediately made her an offer to become a star. A normal girl would doubt, disbelieve and pondered their words for a long time. But not Jeanne! She grabbed onto the idea, and a few days later she went into rehearsal. Actually, for this reason, she flunked the session on the 4th course of journalism.

In 1996 Zhanna Friske ascended to Olympus, dressed in sparkles and … in the company of three more girls. Several times the singer Zhanna Friskarera of the singer was under threat: the stern father swore very much when he saw his daughter’s too frank outfits. The situation was saved by a mom, calming both her husband and a novice star. Performances continued.

She seemed to have few exploits on the stage, and in the summer of 2003 Friske went to an island in the Pacific Ocean to take part in the filming of the reality show “The Last Hero”. Life far from civilization has affected the star very much. Subsequently, she repeatedly participated in the continuation of the project. Survival on the island made her more resistant to problems and emancipation.

Full shine
Returning to civilization, Zhanna Friske felt renewed. The dress, short skirts, singer Zhanna Frisketsennye costumes once became too narrow. And it’s not the calories that are to blame for this (on the island she lost 8 kilograms), but tiredness from the realization that you are part of a large team. Jeanne wanted to buy not only an elegant decoration, but also a personal microphone, a separate dressing room and her own stage! 2003 was for Friske “era of solo.” She left the “Brilliant”, believing that it is time to move and develop! With the support of all the same producers, she recorded the album, instantly taking with him a dominant place in the ratings of radio stations. And the video for the song “Chao, Bambina” was recognized as the most “seductive” video of the year, and he produced a scandal. In one of the episodes, Jeanne is throwing up her legs like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She did it twice more seductive than an American actress, so, fearing for the weak nerves of the male population of the country, the central channels agreed to show the video only after the episode was cut out.


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