It can be said without exaggeration that with her creative work she wrote one of the pages of the modern history of Ukraine. She made a cultural breakthrough when she…

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The voice of Valentina Tolkunova remains in the memory of everyone who at least once heard a song performed by her. The image created by Valentina Vasilyevna cannot be repeated…


Her work embodies the whole era, so bright and exciting it turned out to be. The life of the great Galina Vishnevskaya was just as rich. The tragic pages of…

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This Chilean was destined to become not only a famous singer, poet and musician, but also the most significant victim of the regime of Augusto Pinochet. Victor Hara adhered to…

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At concerts Sofia Rotaru always crowded halls. In tense silence, the viewer is waiting for her with great impatience. She welcomes young students and the older generation. When Sophia Rotaru appears on the stage to the sound of a melody, the hall greets her with a storm of applause. Why does the singer’s popularity not fall? What is it fascinating viewer? Not every artist can achieve this. Sofia Rotaru is always a welcome guest of cities. For many years of her artistic career, she not only did not lose her listener, but, on the contrary, multiplied it, despite the fact that she no longer goes to concerts so often.

Homeland of Sofia Rotaru
The village Marshyntsy of the Chernivtsi region – the land of songs. Here, on August 7, 1947, a breeder of winegrowers Mikhail Fedorovich and Alexandra Ivanovna Rotaru had a daughter. singer Sofia RotaruOna became the second of six children. Sophia Rotaru’s older sister, Zina, lost her sight as a child, but had absolute hearing. She listened to the radio and easily memorized new songs. Zina taught Sonya many folk songs and the Russian language, because at home the whole Rotaru family spoke Moldovan.

Sofia was the first housekeeper and housekeeper: she milked the cow and cooked for everyone, cleaned the house and went to the market to sell greens early in the morning. Often worked in the field. Probably for such work she found the most deep and sincere notes for her future songs.

From amateur to popularity
From the first class, Sofia began to sing in the school and church choir, but the latter could have ended with the exception of the pioneers. The young artist worked in the drama circle and at the same time sang folk songs in amateur performances.

In 1962, Sofia Rotaru won the district amateur art competition, which opened her way to the regional review. For her voice from her countrymen she received the title “Bukovinsky nightingale.” No one doubted the happy fate of the young singer.

The “diploma” to Kiev for participation in the republican competition was a first degree diploma at the regional singer Sofia Rotarusmotre of amateur art activities in Chernivtsi, which Sonya received in 1963. And next year, Sophia won at this festival of folk talents. Her photo was placed on the cover of the magazine “Ukraine” number 27 for 1965. It was then that played a significant role in her life.

After finishing school, Sonia decided to go to Chernivtsi to enroll in a music school, but, to her great regret, there was no vocal faculty there. It did not stop. She entered the conductor-choir.

In 1964, the first performance of Sofia Rotaru on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses took place – and Moscow was conquered. “Who will marry you?” – spoke, happened, mum. – One music in my head.

Sofia Rotaru found love through photography
Meanwhile, in the Urals, in Nizhny Tagil, served a guy from Chernivtsi – Anatoliy Yevdokimenko, the son of a builder and teacher, – who also had “one music” in mind: he graduated from music school, played trumpet, dreamed of creating an ensemble. And by some miracle, the very same magazine “Ukraine” hit them. Anatoly showed the photo to his colleagues: “Look at the girls in our villages!” And he attached the cover to the wall near his bed. And then he returned home and began to search for Sophia. I searched for a long time, finally found a school, Sonya’s friends …

Sonya did not assume that she would sing with a pop orchestra. In addition to violins and cymbals, the singer Sophia Rotarona did not recognize other instruments, until she met her future husband, a student at Chernivtsi University and at the same time a trumpeter in a student variety orchestra. Anatoly understood that only music could win the heart of Sophia. He was the initiator of the appearance of the soloist in the orchestra. However, at first, only folk Ukrainian and Moldovan melodies were selected for Sofia. But Anatoly persuaded Sophia to try himself as a soloist of the pop orchestra. And once she succumbed to the entreaties, she took a chance – and the song turned out.

It is curious that in 1968 Sofia Rotaru celebrated her birthday by winning the title of laureate of the IX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sofia (Bulgaria). This was the debut on the stage, then amateur singer. When Sophia was awarded a gold medal, she was literally bombarded with Bulgarian roses. And one orchestra joked: “Sofia Flowers for Sofia”. And the newspapers were full of headlines: “21-year-old Sophia conquered Sophia.”

In the same year Sofia and Anatoly had a wedding in Marshyntsi. And two years later a son was born in a young family. singer Sophia Rotaru was given the name Ruslan. He turned out to be an absolute copy of his father, but there was no time to raise his heir to his parents. The education was entrusted to mothers and sisters. Recalling those years, Sofia Mikhailovna thanks her fate for deciding to become a mother to her national popularity and that Ruslan, despite a lack of parental attention, grew up to be a good, kind person, beautiful son, father and husband.

Lifetime concert
In 1971, on the “Ukrtelefilme”, Roman Alekseev made the musical film “Chervona Ruta” about the gentle and pure love of the Goryanka girl and Donetsk couple

Andrei Makarevich is first of all known as the founder of the legendary “Time Machine”, from which he went from being a musical underground to the status of the master…


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