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On January 25, 1985, Tanya Lieberman was born in an absolutely non-musical family. Her parents are engineers, her older brother Stas became a lawyer. The girl, who dreamed of working as a flight attendant, conquered Jurmala and the Russian pop diva and believed that she could sing. Perseverance and patience did their job – Tina Karol became the star of the Ukrainian variety art. The talented singer is a vivid example of the fact that real talent will always make its way.

Student and actress
Every summer, Tina and her parents went to Ivano-Frankivsk region to see her grandmother. The girl loved eating watermelons and every time she ate them all. And in 1992, the family came back to Ivano-Frankivsk. Tina decided to professionally practice vocals at the age of 12. In parallel with the secondary school, she graduated from music with a piano class. Then she entered the Kiev Higher School of Music named after R. M. Glier, in which she chose the faculty of singing (pop vocal).

In her student years, Tina gathered an instrumental ensemble, which successfully pleased the audience with her performing skills, and also made it possible for young musicians to earn a little. singer Tina Karol When Tina Karol studied at the 4th year, the state finally noticed her talents and successes: she became a scholar of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
At the end of the school, the girl decided that knowledge of management and logistics would not be superfluous. Resolved – done: Tina became a student at the National Aviation University.

In the arsenal of the singer more than 20 Grand Prix and the first awards, which she won, participating in various international competitions and festivals. Tina not only sings on the stage. She also plays in the theater and plays leading roles in popular European musicals. And even with such a busy schedule, Tina managed to run a musical TV show on one of the Ukrainian channels. The girl participated in 17 concerts of the charity festival tour in US cities, and 2005 became the most intense for the singer and was marked by participation in the Russian Charity Ball in London, in the Royal Residence.

In the same 2005, Tina Karol conducted two peacekeeping missions, the singer Tina Karolv to Iraq and Kosovo. The singer traveled with solo concerts to the international peacekeeping contingent in Baghdad and Kut (Iraq), where, together with the Ukrainian, she was applauded by American, Georgian, British soldiers. Enchanted by her talent, the French peacemakers, to whom Tina performed in Kosovo, invited the Ukrainian singer to Paris. For performances in “hot spots”, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine presented the singer with a state order for peacekeeping missions.

Currently, Tina Karol is a soloist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Tina Karol – singer
The competition in Jurmala Tina considered the most vivid, interesting and significant event in the life of a young performer, so she could not miss the opportunity to participate in the singer Tina Karol it. As is known, here Tina took second place and received a prize from the hands of Alla Pugacheva herself, after which, as they say, woke up famous. Probably, Tina Karol is the only performer of Ukraine in which seemingly incompatible things came together: the morale of the Ukrainian army, peacemaking, rapid musical career and a sincere smile … Her songs fascinate not only the power and beauty of the singer’s voice, but also He tries to put his soul into his work. And many of those people with whom she worked claim that Tina is a real workaholic. It is called a motor and typhoon. But this only helps the singer to climb higher and higher on the “star Olympus” of the Ukrainian variety art.

Tina Karol and her producer Yevgeny Ogir signed in January 2008, and got married on Holy Sunday of the Trinity in the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The singer ordered the wedding dress from designer Tatyana Abaza. The ring finger of Tina is decorated with an engagement ring made of white gold, studded with diamonds, while Ogir preferred a more traditional male version – a ring made of yellow gold and without stones.

The wedding was not without incidents. The sacrament lasted 40 minutes, during which the veil of the bride, in contact with a lighted candle, singer Tina Karolsagorel. I had to interrupt the ceremony to extinguish everything, and later it was possible to cut off the veil. Who knows, perhaps it was a foreshadowing that the young people could not be together for long.

Very little is known about Tina’s second half. He refused to talk about himself in life, referring to employment and lack of time. It is only known that Yevgeny Ogir was a native of Kiev. As an executive producer of the music channel M1, where he oversaw the projects “Milk Brothers” and “Your Format”. There is information that, in addition to producing the singer Karol, Ogir was a concert director of the Belarusian group Leprikonsy.


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