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In a musical culture, individuals of this magnitude appear extremely rarely, the more valuable their contribution to world history. It may sound rather pathetic, but we are lucky to live at the same time with such people, because not everyone has the opportunity to touch the work of those whom they recognize as cult in life. Undoubtedly, one of these favorites is the magnificent Madonna. Her merits are appreciated. The Guinness Book of Records noted her as the most commercially successful performer of all time, and the authoritative magazine Time included Madonna in the list of the most influential women of the last century. Journalists have long called her the queen of pop music, but the path to this title was not easy for the singer.

Early loss
Madonna was born in a multinational family on August 16, 1958 in one of the towns on the shores of Lake Huron. Singer Madonna was traditionally named after her mother, Madonna Louise Ciccone, who had French-Canadian roots, and her father was Italian-American. Madonna’s mother died of cancer soon after the birth of her sixth child, and the girl’s rejection of the fact that God allowed her mother to die, was a turning point in her life and influenced the singer’s work. A couple of years later my father married again, but the stepmother mainly took care of her own children.

Madonna studied well at school, had a high IQ and was in good standing with teachers, for which her classmates disliked her. Although she remained shy and even a little distant, she modestly dressed and avoided noisy companies.

Desire to stand out
Since childhood, the girl wanted to do ballet, but was able to fulfill the dream only in 15 years. Choreographer Christopher Flynn introduced her to jazz-modern, Madonna and ballet at classical concerts and exhibitions, trying to expand the horizons of the student. She continued her dance education at the University of Michigan, and took a budget place there. The choice of a “frivolous” professionс the relationship of the future singer with her father. He wanted to see Madonna as a lawyer or doctor. The right to receive free higher education in the United States is given to units, including Madonna. She moved to a university dormitory full of hope for a bright future. Of course, in technical terms, she was inferior to many dancers, and this inability to be better only strengthened her desire to further stand out in the ballet class. And it does not matter whether it is torn leotard or unwashed hair.

Starving Madonna
She spent her free time visiting Detroit clubs. In one of these institutions singer Madonna, she made a acquaintance with black drummer Stephen Bray, who became her future co-producer and co-author. Six months later, the girl came to the famous New York choreographer Pearl Lang for a master class. Madonna left the university and went to New York to join her group. She managed to pass a hard casting, but she did not get into the first team. She did not have enough money to rent a house, so she worked in a cafe. Sometimes due to malnutrition Madonna fainted, then Lang arranged for her to work as a dressmaker for food in one of the restaurants.

From dancer to singer
At the casting to the dancers for the tour of the French singer Patrick Hernandez, Madonna’s performance was liked by his producers. singer MadonnaTe paid attention to the plastic of the girl and praised her pleasant voice, which was a complete surprise to her. The actress spent six months with Hernandez’s tour in Belgium, France and Tunisia. All this time, the producers convinced her of the promising career of the performer, but the young Madonna was passionate about punk rock and did not want to sing the disco-pop that was offered to her. She returned to New York, succumbing to the entreaties of her then-boyfriend Dan Gilroy. It was he who had a great influence on the girl – he taught to play the electric guitar and percussion, he taught the basics of composition. At first she was taken to the Gilroy group, then she organized her own rock band.

In 1981, Madonna met Camilla Barbon – the owner of the recording studio “Gotham”. the singer MadonnaTa became her personal manager, rented the ward housing and began to pay $ 100 a week, insisting that she leave the group. But Stephen Bray still persuaded Madonna to write together several songs. Their songs “Everybody” and “Burning Up” in turn reached the third place in the dance hit chart, after which the singer was allowed to rent a recording studio to create the first album. In July 1983, her debut album titled “Madonna” was released. Just a year later, the next compilation, “Like a Virgin,” was released, and for the first time in her career, Madonna topped the US album chart. The name of the hit “Material Girl” was fixed as the singer’s nickname.

The first tour of the US performer started in 1985 from 2,000 people, and after just 3 months, ten times more people gathered in Madison Square Garden to listen to Madonna. This tour has called “Madonnomania”.