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Megatalant, incredible diligence, continuous self-improvement, the desire to get ahead of time in art and the desire to always give people a holiday – nature has awarded the famous Andrei Danilko with such qualities. Whatever he takes, his projects leave no one indifferent, and even his colleagues bow their heads in front of his successes.

Humble schoolboy
Andrei Danilko cannot boast of a carefree childhood. He was born on October 2, 1973 and was the second child in an ordinary Poltava family who lived in a communal flat. At school, the boy didn’t have the best grades; he was shy, so none of the teachers and Andrei Danilko could imagine that he couldn’t reach the heights that Andrei Danilko would later achieve. At the age of seven he was left without a father, he died from an oncological disease. Andrei’s mother had to work in three shifts to feed the children, so the problem of lack of money for the young Danilko was very well known.

Despite his natural modesty, Andrei played on the KVN school team, moreover, he was even its captain, for which he earned the respect of teachers and classmates. The guys won first places in various creative competitions, while Andrei Danilko was increasingly awakening his love for the scene. He was not deprived of artistic talent – he was often asked to draw posters and wall newspapers for the school.

The first obstacles of Andrey Danilko
Having received a certificate, Andrei went to a music school, where, following the results of entrance examinations, he did not find himself in the list of showman Andrei Danilkostudentov. And all because some of the examiners, he seemed not too attractive for the scene, so the chance to prove the opposite he was not given. The dreams of the young man were literally trampled by people who did not even try to look at the young talent. In desperation, Andrew goes to study at the cashier-seller.

In 1991, at the next review of educational institutions of the region, Andrei Danilko presented two of his miniature Conductress and the Dining Room. Both numbers had a great success with the Poltava public, and the young man had the first fans.

Journalist career
Soon he was able to get a job as a freelance correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolets Poltavshchini and engage in interviewing celebrities in the early 1990s. Andrei long sought to do this, he was madly in love with the showman Andrei Danilkoso to communicate with the stars of those years, to write about the Mirage, Gentle May and Kar-Man groups, to interview the participants of the Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva, where he too visit. For the ability to penetrate behind the scenes of various events and concerts, as well as to persuade the stars to interview Andrei Danilko was very much appreciated in the editorial. He later admitted that he learned how to write correctly through working in a newspaper — Andrei rewrote each material several times to make it as interesting as possible, put punctuation marks on it, stuffed cones, studied and continued to work without pens and notebooks. Similarly, in practice, he learned to compose music, play musical instruments and sing.

Birth of Verka Serdyuchka
But the dream of a big stage did not leave a talented guy. Andrei and his friends often went to perform at various festivals. Sometimes even had to take the bottle to raise money for a train in a particular city. The next creative competition took place in Kiev. It was the festival “Bcemix”, the winner of which was Andrey Danilko. And on April 1, Andrei Danilko of 1993 became the real birthday of Verka Serdyuchka. In this image, Andrei first appeared on the stage of the Poltava “Humorina”, received a prize for the best acting job and was able to qualify for a competitive place in the capital festival. Since then, the most popular conductor Verka Serduchka has become his alter ego.

The April humorine of 1994 in Kharkov brought the grand prix to Andrei, and the following year he won the award of the contest of young performers at the international festival “The Sea of ​​Laughter”. Since then, Andrei Danilko has become a national star of the all-Ukrainian scale. Cassettes with the recordings of his performances were distributed at the same speed as once the cassettes with the songs of the group “Tender May”. His phrases, or rather the snappy expressions of Verka Serdyuchka, were instantly understood by the people on quotes and aphorisms. Andrei managed not only to catch luck by the tail, but to feel and understand the need of the public for the holiday, which was so lacking in the difficult 1990s.

Persistent student
Already having a considerable experience of performances, Andrei Danilko enters the Kiev pop-circus school. In one of the interviews, the artist noted that he did not meet the untalented showman Andrei Danilko in the school, but, unfortunately, the teachers’ approach to each student was standard. Forcing novice artists to perform roles that were uncharacteristic for them, they formed complexes for students and did not allow their talent to be truly revealed. It is possible that it was for loyalty to the image of Verka Serdiuchka, Andrey Danilko, that they were expelled from school, without seeing him as a promising artist.

Megatalant, incredible diligence, continuous self-improvement, the desire to get ahead of time in art and…


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