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For the stunning lyrical repertoire of the Irish singer Chris de Burg has long been nicknamed the most romantic European performer. For more than a dozen years his work excites the female hearts of the whole world with genuine sensuality, and the albums are sold with enviable circulations. But wherever a singer comes in with a solo concert, the public invariably asks to perform the long-legendary composition “Lady in Red”. This ballad assigned him the title of the last romantic of modern show business. Chris de Burgh is flattered by such recognition by the audience, because he does not get tired of repeating that he composes music and sings for the joy of his fans.

Centuries-old pedigree
If Chris de Burg did not become a singer, his fame would still overtake him. And all thanks to the ancestors. The blood of the Irish, who have lived on this land since the eleventh century, flows in the veins of Christopher John Davison (as the singer called him at birth). Their last name in Ireland is one of the most common. Traction to frequent moves led his ancestors to Australia, the singer Chris de Burg where they were the first free settlers. Grandfather Chris de Burgh worked as an engineer during the construction of the Far Eastern railway, and his father went further and became a volunteer of the British Royal Navy, after which he became an agent of British secret intelligence.

Chris de Burg was born on October 15, 1948 in Buenos Aires, where his father was sent to work as a diplomat. From an early age, the future performer visited different countries on different continents and could also become an employee of some embassy. But music attracted him more than other activities. In addition, the guy with the guitar in his hands always had success with the girls, even if he was just sitting at a party in the corner and playing naively sentimental songs.

Chris de Burg Sharp
The present ancient castle, presented by the maternal grandfather, forced the family to finally settle in their homeland. Later, parents began a family business and singer Chris de Burg turned part of the castle into a hotel. Chris brought good grades from school, and his father hoped that the young man would follow in his footsteps, looking after the school for his son.

Chris’s family was far from creativity, so his father did not approve of Chris’s aspirations to become a musician, but his mother, on the contrary, was very pleased with this turn of events. Nevertheless, the University in Dublin de Bourg graduated, even received more than one job offer, but the musical nature took over. After receiving the diploma, Chris realized that it was time to do something himself and not to hope for the help of his parents, and the music turned out to be the only activity for which he really had a soul. For a creative career, he took as his pseudonym the mother’s maiden name, which he later glorified to the whole world.

Warming up
It was 1975. Chris began his ascent to glory by joining the Horsli group. Over time, the young and promising soloist was noticed by the managers of A & M Records. Thanks to singer Chris de Burghathe, an American record label, de Burges released a debut disc titled “Far Beyond These Castle Walls”. Unfortunately, the collection was rated only in Brazil, where he led the national charts. In Britain and America, the album went unnoticed.

After a couple of years, he had already opened concerts of groups known at the time, among which was the group Surpertram. Later, Chris was invited to work not as a “warm-up”, but as a guest of the concert. The result of this collaboration with the group was the de Burgh compilation “Eastern Wind”, in many songs of which one could hear John Hallywell’s perfect solo on the saxophone. One of the spectators after the concert said that he was going to hear the band Surpertram, and had already returned home a real fan of Chris de Burg.

Conquest the charts
The heyday of Chris de Burg and his hit in the first rank of stars of world rock music to a certain extent happened thanks to an English musician, a multi-instrumental tool and producer Rupert Hein. Such a creative tandem helped Chris become commercially successful songs. Singer Chris de Burg Rupert was able to highlight the talent of the performer and make them attractive to the general public. At that time, music critics began to compare de Burgh with the outstanding Paul McCartney. Both of them were distinguished by the ability to create both a lyrical ballad and a hit rock composition.

After the release of the album “The Getaway” to Chris came such a success, which he could not imagine. His records finally conquered the Western European music market, and in 1983, together with the group Asia, he went on a tour of the United States of America. Infinite travels so exhausted artist, that he could not even finish the tour.

In 1984, the album “Man On The Line”, in which the legend of the scene Tina Turner took part, turned out to be Thor to 20 British songs. And on the highest steps of the charts, Chris de Bourgh was in the next year with the composition “For Rosanna”, which he dedicated to the birth of his daughter.