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Thomas Anders does not flash every day on TV, you rarely see his interviews in newspapers, now he often records his songs in a duet with various foreign performers and lives a quiet family life. Once megastore Thomas Anders changed priorities, and remained faithful not to commercial success, but to his longtime fans. Doubt in their absence to anyone and never come to mind, it is worth only once to visit his concert – in European countries, he is still in demand, as in the days of the group Modern Talking.

Star from the phone book
Bernd Weidung is the real name of singer Thomas Anders. He was born on March 1, 1963 in the small German town of Munstermafeld, where his parents and brother still live. He changed his name in his youth, for his career in show business required a more catchy one. Brother says that the surname Anders was the first singer in the phone book, singer Thomas Anders, and the name Thomas sounded the same in all languages. This is how the pseudonym of a future celebrity was born. Then his relatives could not imagine that the name of Thomas Anders would thunder to the whole world.

From childhood, Bernd sang in the church choir and told everyone that he would definitely become a professional singer. He studied piano at a music school, and at home he mastered playing the guitar himself. However, parents wanted the guy to become a builder, and cared about his practice. His father built a house for his eldest son, and Bynd had to help. He did it in a very original way – he pushed the cars with cement in a tie and jacket.

Enchanted, bewitched
Even then, he was different from his peers to stylish clothes and strange for a boy passion for dolls. In his childhood he played Barbie, and in his youth he fell under the spell of the barbie-like girl Nora. She seemed to him an ideal — smart, beautiful, with refined manners, but it was embarrassing that she was very wealthy.

group Modern Talking Thomas and Nora
Fans composed legends about his love exploits, but the heart of Thomas belonged to one woman. He was convinced that such a girl would never pay attention to a simple guy. But in the end, feelings took over. Then Thomas could not even imagine that in the next 13 years this girl would turn his life into slavery. To some extent, she helped him to become a world-wide star, but the gradual extinction of this musical star, too, was largely due to her.

Talented sex symbol Thomas Anders
Already at the age of 16, Thomas Anders won the Radio Luxemburg song contest, which attracted the attention of the record company. She invited him to take a pseudonym and record the single “Judy”, which was the first of nine songs that Thomas Anders released solo, before meeting the composer and producer Dieter Bohlen.

Their first joint single “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” became one of the most singer Thomas Anders outstanding in Eurodisco style and brought unprecedented popularity to the new German band Modern Talking. As soon as they spoke on television, Thomas immediately became a sex symbol for many women. Songs with Dieter instantly took off to the first lines of the charts, they received one after another musical awards, tours and TV shows continued, fans multiplied …

In such an enviable status, Thomas made a favorite proposal. In 1985, hundreds of journalists shot their wedding. In the studio, Thomas increasingly began to hear reproaches from Dieter Bohlen that a wayward girl was hindering their creativity. Anders was between two fires, but he hoped to reconcile them. Although Nora is increasingly
kindled discord in the group Modern Talking.

Under the heel
Nora allowed herself too much. One day, she even flipped their live performance by closing her husband in the toilet. This trick was for Thomas Anders a slap in the face, a blow to male ego. Finally, he began to notice the contemptuous views of his colleagues in the group. He was not simply called a henpecked, he was openly mocked. This began to oppress Anders.

Modern Talking Group Modern Talking Group
In one of the group’s visits to France, Thomas was invited to a TV show. Her host usually asked awkward questions to her guests. Upon learning of this, Nora decided not to let Thomas into the studio and took him away, leaving Dieter Bohlen alone. Since then, no French channel has ever invited Thomas to the shooting. It was the beginning of the end of his career.

On the eve of the three-year anniversary of the band Modern Talking, Dieter Bohlen announced from the stage that the band is ceasing to exist. Dieter had the courage to cut this Gordian knot, because he didn’t need the third one, and Thomas couldn’t present his work without Nora. Each went his own way, only the path of Thomas was too thorny. Fans hated his wife, accusing the group of Modern Talking of breaking up. Fleeing from their anger, the couple went to America. The ambitious Nora thought that there her Thomas would easily make a career. But it should be noted that not a single single or album of the group became popular across the ocean, the Eurodisco style was considered too primitive by the Americans.
“Death” and the resurrection