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In the past era there were several examples of groups and singers who, for their time, became folk not by status, but by public perception. Valery Syutkin was lucky to be in this cohort of the elect – those who successfully combine solo performances with concerts as part of a group. For almost four decades, the main pops intellectual Valery Syutkin and his team have earned the love of fans and now continue to delight them. The singer does not pursue a changeable fashion and does not try to conform to trends. His warm voice with confidential intonation was the key to the success of any Syutkin project, because he (as sung in the famous song) is what we need.

Russian with Polish and Jewish roots
Now Valery Syutkin is rarely seen at noisy parties and show business get-togethers, he goes to jazz concerts much more often. His clips do not beat the ratings of music channels, and on television they do not make PR programs about the details of his personal life. He does not need such custom glory, the singer Valery Syutkinved is his viewer and listener – thinking and versed in real music.

Valery was born on March 22, 1958. A mixture of Polish-Jewish and Russian blood flows in Syutkin’s veins, since the grandmother on her mother’s side moved to Moscow from the Odessa region, and her father was from Perm. Mom Bronislava Andreevna worked in a closed military research institute, and father Milad Alexandrovich taught at the military engineering academy and was a prominent specialist in military underground construction. Acquaintance of young people took place in a dancing club, then a son was born in a newly-formed family, whose childhood years were spent under the sensitive grandmother’s supervision – parents had to work a lot.

Fateful telecast
Valery’s conscious love of music arose at the age of 11, and this moment clearly slammed into the memory of the young Syutkin. On that day, he entered the room and saw a political review on TV, with an image for the Brooklyn Bridge serving as a splash screen, and the song of the legendary band The Beatles served as music. Of course, then Valery did not know this, but he told his parents that he would definitely learn how to play this melody on the guitar. Since then, he began to diligently play this instrument. singer Valery Syutkin Senior friends from the courtyard dissuaded him from such a choice and offered to join their group as a drummer to perform at dance parties. Valery yielded to persuasion and temporarily put aside the guitar to learn how to play the drums. He practiced on cardboard hats and empty metal coffee cans. This group of yard boys was the first in his musical career.

Parents encouraged his passion for music, because in their area there were a lot of hooligan punks, who hunted down by thefts and other minor crimes. Senior Syutkin did not want their son to go down the same path. Mom knew that Valery would not come home with a broken nose, because no one dared touch the musicians who played in the dance evenings. But Valera himself engaged in creative work with a completely different purpose – he wanted to please the girls. At that time it was the surest way to conquer the heart of beauty. It was easier to impress the girl when you play the forbidden rock and roll guitar.

Valery Syutkin’s saving hobby
At 13, young Syutkin was in for a heavy blow – Valery’s parents divorced. Favorite music helped heal the soul trauma. Without it, he could not imagine his life. Now he realizes that it was his creativity that helped him not to fall under the bad influence of the district hooliganism. Although he himself was never a lover of fights and fist-busting relationship. All summer after 8th grade, he worked in an electrical goods store, and although the law forbade teen singer Valery Syutkin to work, the mother’s friend persuaded the store manager to attach a guy for the summer instead of herself, while she left for the resort. For three months, Syutkin earned as much as 270 rubles and was able to buy himself a drum set. Of course, we had to buy second-hand Czech drums from speculators, because it was very difficult to find new high-quality equipment in those years. The tool tested for strength under the hits of the Led Zeppelin group.

Passion for music completely captured Valeria. It even caused school absenteeism, although Syutkin’s academic performance had been very high before that. Saved only by the fact that he read a lot and could get out of humanities, but problems began with the exact sciences. As a result, the certificate of maturity was decorated with four “troika”.

Financial independence
With the acquisition of the drum set, Valery’s financial dependence on his parents ended. He played dance in his neighborhood and even performed with other guys in the neighborhood. This provided the young man with a good income, although it was not a profession. Free poets, artists and musicians were considered to be parasites then.

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