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The voice of Valentina Tolkunova remains in the memory of everyone who at least once heard a song performed by her. The image created by Valentina Vasilyevna cannot be repeated by anyone, as no one can sing her songs. They remain and should remain only songs of Valentina Tolkunova. With her quiet voice, she warms the hearts, climbs into the most hidden corners of the listeners’ souls. Valentina Vasilyevna was known, loved and loved in Russia and abroad. After the songs of the great singer, you want to believe and do good, because love wakes up in the hearts.

The origins of creativity
The start date of the great singer’s journey is July 12, 1946, when a girl was born in the small town of Armavir, in the Krasnodar Territory, in the family of Vasily and Eugenia Tolkunov. She was named Valey. After some time, the family moved to Moscow. There was always music in the parents’ house: records with songs performed by Utesov, Shulzhenko, Ruslanova. Valentina learned all the songs from their albums.

The girl was 10 years old when a commission arrived at their school to select votes for the children’s choir of the Central House of Railwaymen. It was led by Semyon Dunaevsky, singer Valentina Tolkunova, Isaac Dunaevsky’s brother. At school audition insisted school teacher. Among the seven selected lucky was Valya. Two months later she sang in the older group of choir members. It took only a couple of years, and Tolkunova became a soloist in a large children’s team. At this time, Valentina had her first trials, when she had to cope with difficult non-child tasks. It was necessary to show perseverance and determination. At the same time, it was also a happy period, when the young singer was introduced to the basics of music education, and she took the first steps on stage: the choir sang in the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions, opened the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, and participated in recordings with the best symphony orchestras. Famous musicians came to the classes of the children’s team.

It was then that young Valya realized that she had to connect her life with music. At the age of 17 she had a great experience of choral singing. This prompted her after school to submit documents to the Moscow Institute of Culture for the conductor and choral department.

New team and the first marriage of Valentina Tolkunova
composer Yuri Saulsky first husband Saulsky
In the mid-1960s, the talented composers of the Soviet Union began to organize various groups, which in their manner of performance were similar to world-famous groups. One of the most famous ensembles of that time was the vocal-instrumental orchestra conducted by Yuri Saulsky – “VIO 66”. Its members played and sang jazz. The departed vocalist was replaced by a girl with a high soprano – Valentine. Over the summer, she prepared a jazz program, sang her wonderful at the competitive selection and became a member of the famous orchestra.

After many years, Valentina Vasilyevna with a smile recalled how she had to learn new singing techniques. But in the fall of 1966, Valentina, who was inexperienced in the performance of jazz, was very difficult. Much time passed before she learned to sing freely. That memorable autumn Valya married Yury Saulsky. She was 20 years old.

The tour schedule “VIO 66” was very tense, which forced Valentina to transfer from the institute to the music school at the Moscow Conservatory, and then to the music singer Valentina Tolkunovoluchilisha named after the Gnesins. In 1971, a Gnesinka graduate brilliantly conducted the choirs of Georgy Sviridov and Dmitry Shostakovich and received an excellent mark in the final exam. Five years later, at the Moscow Institute of Culture, Tolkunova received a diploma of conductor-choirmaster.

Songs that made Tolkunov famous
The young couple became friends with the family of the composer Kataev. The day-to-day television series was being prepared for the exit, in which Valentina was offered to perform all the vocals. So the viewer heard the new Valentine Tolkunov: “The sound of footsteps”, “I was walking down the street at night”, “I was standing on the side of the station” – the song that made Tolkunov famous. After the premiere of the film, Valentina realized that singing only jazz was not enough for her.

“VIO 66” broke up, Valya broke up with Yury Saulsky. singer Valentina TolkunovaIt was necessary to start living again. In difficult times, when she began to despair, the support of her relatives saved her. Valentina agreed to any work, even there was an attempt to create her own team. Fate was willing to dispose of the life of the singer in a different way. In 1972, during a creative evening, Valentina Tolkunova heard Lev Oshanin and offered to sing the unpretentious song “Oh, Natasha.” Valya took up the performance of this composition. The little-known singer was called twice for an encore, and in the morning she woke up famous. It was the first performance, on which Valentina wove pearl beads into her hair. Since that time, I have never parted with this stone.

Pearl placer offers
Valentina Tolkunova was called the successor of Lydia Ruslanova and Claudia Shulzhenko. On the young singer showered offers from those whom she recently considered inaccessible. To this period about

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