Andrei Makarevich is first of all known as the founder of the legendary “Time Machine”, from which he went from being a musical underground to the status of the master…

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Изоляция: от утепления до защиты от влаги
An amazing and unique continent gives birth to no less colorful people. Australia gave the world of art a whole galaxy of movie stars (Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe,…


The name of Phil Collins has long become a legend, and not only among rock lovers. This unique musician has compiled the talent of a composer, vocalist, drummer, actor and…

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Many such musicians dreamed of such frenetic popularity that Freddie Mercury had. Even the legends of rock music considered him an outstanding performer and songwriter. It is no secret that…

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Once, Liza Minnelli was evicted from a hotel with a scandal, and things were confiscated to pay off debts. She had to spend the night in Central Park. It was then that she promised herself that she would succeed without relying on parental help.

The word Lisa Minnelli kept.

Without childhood
Lisa was born March 12, 1946 in the famous cinematic family. Her mother Judy Garland, a Hollywood star from the 1940s and ’50s, won an Oscar for her contributions to cinema. No less famous is the father – director Vincent Minnelli, the author of musicals. Lisa was a welcome child, but a rich and aristocratic family did not make her childhood happy and cloudless. The actress thought she was lucky with her parents, although the family broke up when she was four years old. In 1951, the MGM film company broke the contract with Judy Garland, followed by a divorce from Minnelli. Lisa lived with her father, then with her mother and loved both of them very much.

singer Liza Minnellis mom Judy Garland
Many acquaintances believed that Judy had deprived her daughter of her childhood. The girl was not even three years old when she began performing with her mother. Like the real “child of Hollywood,” she grew up “behind the scenes,” in hotels and on film sets, because she went everywhere with her mother.

Judy married again, had two children. The family constantly moved from place to place. Gradually, the duties of the house fell on his daughter’s shoulders. In addition, the growing up daughter looked after Judy, who was either drunk and then drugged, or tried to lay hands on herself. Lisa hid pills from her mother, and if necessary called doctors. These events soon made the girl independent.

Liza Minnelli Way to Broadway
Minnelli studied at the Sorbonne, and in 1962 came to America to tell her parents “something important.” In fact, she wanted to inform Judy and Vincent of her decision to quit school and become an actress. Her father did not mind, but Judy didn’t really like this idea; she let her daughter go to show business, but refused to give her financial assistance. Frank Sinatra sent Lisa 500 dollars, singer Lisa Minnellich to somehow help her to hold out for the first time. She sent the money back. And, in order to feed herself, pay for her studies and an apartment, she got a job as a fashion model and statistician in New York theaters. But in 1964, Lisa finally smiled happiness – she was “discovered.” She gave solo concerts throughout America, performed in Paris, London and Monte Carlo, participated in Broadway shows.

And nature, and fate, as it were, intended it for the career of an actress. But the same rock that the mother pursued often interfered in the life of the daughter. Liza Minnelli was supposed to debut in the lead role in the play “The Best Foot Ahead”, but just before the premiere, this part of the body broke. But the song – “You are created for love” – ​​managed to record on a disc, which has sold over half a million copies.

In glory
Ambitious Lisa did not want to be just the daughter of her famous mother. In one of the performances, she specifically began to fake to avoid comparisons with Judy. singer Liza Minnelli has achieved her goal. November 1964 was an important milestone in Minnelli’s life. Garland invited her daughter to perform with her in the London “Palladium”. Judy did not expect Lisa to outshine her, making her fade against the backdrop of her sparkling youth. Liza Minnelli, willingly or unwittingly, pushed the mother into the background. Two concerts in London were the sunset of one and the rise of another star.

The next step to fame for Liza Minnelli was her work in the movies and the marriage to the young Australian folksinger Peter Allen. But the mother, who meant so much in Lisa’s life, was not destined to see her daughter’s approaching hour. Judy died from an overdose of sleeping pills. The unrest of these months was reflected in the film “Say that you love me, Juni Moon”, where she played the role of an unhappy girl, whom a jealous boyfriend splashed with sulfuric acid in her face.
singer Liza Minnellue movie “New York, New York”
But world fame and glory Lisa brought the main role in the film Bob Voss “Cabaret” – the adaptation of the famous Broadway play. For him, Minnelli won an Oscar. The film was released in 1971 and became the calling card of the actress. Lisa played the cabaret choreographer Sally Bowles, who burns life in the atmosphere of nightclubs, and in the meantime on the ruins of the Weimar Republic Hitler rushes to power.

After the premiere, Lisa began daily to deliver baskets of letters from fans and admirers. The actress looked at them and threw them away. Among others, she somehow got an envelope to which a rose was pinned, and the letter itself sounded like this: “If I could ever stand with you in front of one camera”. And the signature: “John Travolta, artist”. A few years later, Minnelli, seeing a film with a new Hollywood star named Travolta, was delighted and asked her agent to contact the actor.

Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Crimson Jingle”. Though the part of admirers of the singer prefers…


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