Michael Jackson was the brightest pop star of all time. His talent was admired, millions of fans idolized their idol, and colleagues recognized his brilliant performing and dancing abilities. The…

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At concerts Sofia Rotaru always crowded halls. In tense silence, the viewer is waiting for her with great impatience. She welcomes young students and the older generation. When Sophia Rotaru…

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Inflammatory shakira
Hot as fire, energetic, like an erupting volcano, talented, like all the gods of Olympus, a loving mother and beloved wife. All this is Shakira, which in fact does not…

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The vocal abilities of this singer cover five octaves. With her unique voice, she has long charmed music lovers around the world. And now she is rightly called one of the most influential actresses of our time. Performed Celine Dion compositions can penetrate into the deepest corners of the soul, forcing you to think about the main thing. But this was not always the case, and at first no one believed in the talent of a 12-year-old girl. Nobody … except producer René Angelil. When he first heard her voice, he even shed a tear and realized that such a gift needed only to be developed, to cut this precious diamond to cut, so that it would become a real diamond in the world of music.

The youngest of 14
Celine Dion was the youngest child in a Canadian family with many children. It would seem that the girl should have been happy at least that she was able to reach out with her little hands to her favorite cheese sandwiches from her older children, not to mention the piano. However, parents adored their 14 children, singer Celine Dion, none of them felt a lack of attention and care. In addition, the cult of music reigned in the family, so creativity was instilled in the offspring from the cradle. Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1968 in a village near Montreal. Her mother Theresa named her daughter in honor of the musical composition, which she listened to during the entire pregnancy. My father played the accordion well, and my mother had a beautiful voice. This prompted them to organize a family ensemble that earned performances at the village weddings. Over time, Celine’s parents purchased a small restaurant, which became the first scene for their youngest daughter. A five-year-old girl gladly performed before the visitors to the accompaniment of a violin and an accordion.

Not a dream
At the age of 12, Dion herself composed a song, and her mother and brother helped her to record a demo tape. In the album of one of the popular performers, the mother found the address of the producer Rene Angelil and sent him a tape. The composition was called “It was only a dream.” The producer did not believe that such a voice could be a reality, the singer Celine Dionved was working in show business for years. He wanted to see this girl and hear her sing live. In 1980, Celine and her mother appeared on the threshold of his office. “In five years, I will make a star out of your daughter,” declared Rene the eldest Dion. Since this began the ascent of Celine to the top of the music world.

The producer immediately warned her parents that Celine needed to move to Montreal in order to achieve something worthwhile. Father Hadamard initially objected to such a turn of events. But what parent does not want a better future for his child? Especially Teresa convinced her spouse that René Angelila could be trusted with their daughter. Although the financial position of the producer was not the most enviable. Record companies were in no hurry to invest in teen promotion, and the producer had to pawn his house to finance the recording of her album. The prospect of being left without a roof over his head did not please his wife, but it was impossible to stop Rene.

Celine Dion’s first gold
René, with full responsibility, undertook Celine’s comprehensive education, he did not leave her a single minute of free time. Perhaps that is why aspiring singer Celine Dionpevica did not have to face the difficulties of adolescence, which turned her head and ruined a career not for one rising star.

Together with Rene she recorded two albums – “The Voice of the Lord” and “Christmas Songs of Celine”. The release of these collections made her a Canadian sensation. Both the public and critics immediately noticed her, Dion’s talent was appreciated – she received music awards and awards, among which was the gold medal of the international festival in Tokyo. As many as nine French-language albums, hardworking and purposeful Celine has been recording in just five years. And in 1983 she became the first representative of Canada, who received in France a “golden single”.

Towards international recognition
It’s time to go international, but for this, she takes a whole-year sabbatical, to present herself to the world’s audience as a true lady. singer Celine DionOnona radically changes the image – a new hairstyle, a snow-white smile, corrected facial features, a stylish wardrobe, and, of course, impeccable English. Now this is not a schoolgirl singing, but a brilliant mystery girl, flexible and slim beauty, surprising friends with British pronunciation.

In 1988, Celine Dion tried his hand at the international Eurovision contest … and won (albeit with a margin of only one vote). This event in the music world was remembered by the public by the fact that in Dublin, where the competition was held, Rene Angelil first kissed Selin publicly. A couple of years before, Canada had already whispered about their relationship, but the lovers did not dare openly declare them. Firstly, Rene was still officially married, and secondly, it could not have the best effect on the reputation of the young singer, because Rene was 26 years older.


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