Vasily Slipak. LIFE ON A HIGH NOTE
This opera singer considered Mephistopheles’s part in the opera “Faust” by Charles Gounod to be his most beloved, therefore, his nickname appeared consonant - Myth. But the life of Vasily…

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Nastya Kamensky is young, beautiful and already at the top of her popularity. A talented singer, a popular TV presenter and simply a famous socialite does not get tired to…

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Perilous Lara Fabian
Lara Fabian's voice bewitches from the first chords of any composition. She can not be confused with any singer, so distinctive is her style. She goes on stage almost without…

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fashion model


The voice of Valentina Tolkunova remains in the memory of everyone who at least once heard a song performed by her. The image created by Valentina Vasilyevna cannot be repeated by anyone, as no one can sing her songs. They remain and should remain only songs of Valentina Tolkunova. With her quiet voice, she warms the hearts, climbs into the most hidden corners of the listeners’ souls. Valentina Vasilyevna was known, loved and loved in Russia and abroad. After the songs of the great singer, you want to believe and do good, because love wakes up in the hearts.

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Society does not always respond positively to the children of famous parents, and especially when they try to repeat their path on the stage. And still firmly in the mind saying that on such children “nature rests.” Christina Orbakayte was in show business for a long time just as Alla Pugacheva’s daughter, but then everyone saw that she herself is a creative person and is not going to imitate a famous mother.

Little actress Christina Orbakaite
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Once, Liza Minnelli was evicted from a hotel with a scandal, and things were confiscated to pay off debts. She had to spend the night in Central Park. It was then that she promised herself that she would succeed without relying on parental help.

The word Lisa Minnelli kept.

Without childhood
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Sometimes it is difficult for us to even explain how Viktor Tsoi could deserve such a nationwide love. He wrote music and sang songs that awakened people, removed from their…


Conductor Igor Blazhkov - about Stravinsky, about modern music, about Shostakovich and about yourself
A student of the Mravinsky Kyiv resident Igor Blazhkov, who recently celebrated his eightieth birthday, is known to a whole generation of Soviet music lovers as one of the main…


Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Crimson Jingle”. Though the part of admirers of the singer prefers…